Mailbox Central is a website that only offers email addresses, that have a 100MB size limit for the server webmail checking and online storage, but there are no restrictions on usage* (See Below) if used in conjunction with an email client. (such as Outlook, windows Mail, Eudora etc).

We do charge $10.00USD/Year for the box and that is just for the system usage and maintenance. Yes you could go with Yahoo/MSN/Gmail which are all free but those tend to get spammed more due to their popularity. We have an option of SpamAssassin which is enabled by default on all mailboxes.

The web interface login can be found Here (uses Squirrel Mail). This gives a login Box in which you enter your credentials ( and your password) then you will be taken to the webmail interface.

Invoicing and the customer support site is through the parent company of Maine Notary Net. You can order an email address through our Live Chat in the lower right corner.

*other than trying to send out spam which is strictly prohibited. Any account or username found doing this will be automatically revoked and deleted as to preserve our IP mail server from being Blacklisted due to spammers which hinders all other users from sending mail to certain domains (most notably AOL and Roadrunner).